Private Services

Helping you heal yourself through Regenesis Hypnotherapy and Reiki


Certified services I provide include:


Personal Meditative Journey   - Do you have specific concerns or issues with self worth, productivity, and many more beliefs about yourself? I can tailor an affirmation based meditation to your specific struggles and needs to change your inner negative belief systems into positive self belief systems. You can feel free to record this and take it with you to meditate at home with every day because over time the new positive belief systems become habits and then become integrated into your being. 

30 minutes          $45


Regenesis Hypnotherapy

All Hypnotherapy sessions are booked for 90 minutes. The actual hypnosis is between 45-60 minutes. This leaves room for questions before or after your session. Regenesis Hypnotherapy helps correct the trauma replaying in your subconscious without retraumatizing the client. 


Each Hypnotherapy Session      $125 

Current Life Regressions   - We all have fears and habits we struggle with. You can travel back into your memories with your guide to heal what went wrong. This can help heal unhealthy habits and struggles with addictions as well as tackle unwanted behaviors and underlying anxiety you can't control.     


Inner Child Regression   - This is similar to a current life regression, but these fears or traumas are deeply rooted in your inner child. Travel back into your memories to retrieve, rescue, and integrate your inner child back into your present state of being to become more complete within yourself without being retraumatized.


Weight Loss Hypnotherapy - Are you always getting in your own way of losing weight? Do you try and try to stop certain food related behaviors without success? During this hypnotherapy session we reroute your current thought patterns to a healthier set of thoughts to encourage you to believe in yourself and to have the willpower to FINALLY SUCCEED! We also take a moment to address any underlying trauma connected to your weight loss block so that you will no longer be prevented from reaching your goals!


Reiki Energy Session  

Reiki restores balance by working on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual blocks through hands on energy healing work. Science shows we have an energy field/system in and around our body. Just like your arteries in your cardiovascular system can become blocked, so can your energy arteries, or chakras. Let me help you find relief through my God given gifts of healing.

40-60 minutes         $100

Distance Reiki         $50


Crystal Reiki Session

In addition to your Reiki session I use crystals on and around your body to focus on a particular energy imbalance you are experiencing. Sometimes sound therapy is used in this extended Reiki session with drums or singing bowls. 

60-90 minutes         $125


Animal Reiki

Help your pet deal with trauma and loss or agitation through balancing their energy field. It helps pets just like it helps humans by releasing blocks and kinks within their energy field and chakras. The prices are set to include house and barn calls. 

House Pets     $50          Equine     $100


Intuitive Readings      $30-60

Receive intuitive direction in your life through the use of crystals, Oracle, and divine guidance. 

My most popular reading service is a three card pull intuitive reading where we focus on 1-2 areas or questions you need help with. This can be scheduled in office, by phone, or by video service on facebook/Instagram! 


I provide complimentary smudging with each service, but I will leave this to your discretion as to whether you would like this option. 

I look forward to hearing from you!

Medical Disclaimer:  LXL Healing Space is not a medical practice and will never recommend you stop seeing your medical professional nor change your medication in any way. We are here as an alternative wellness practice to compliment your healing process conducted by a licensed professional. If you have a medical emergency please contact your physician. If you have a mental health emergency please contact your therapist or psychiatrist. LXL Healing Space does not promise healing.