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Group Meditations     $10

Mindfulness Meditation

Somewhere along our life's journey we have become askew from positive beliefs systems. We have grown to dislike ourselves for one reason or another, causing unhappiness in our daily lives. Maybe you have an uncomfortable feeling with being happy or struggle with self worth. My affirmation based meditation will help you to change your negative belief systems into positive belief systems, allowing for better overall wellbeing. 

Vacation Meditation

Join me on a relaxing hypno-meditation where you journey to your perfect place. We use your body's senses to ground you into this perfect place, receiving everything you need to feel rejuvenated and ready for the week ahead.

Q&A Meditation

Take a journey to meet one of your spirit guides/guardian angels to ask a question for direction that has been weighing on your heart. Many people find it difficult to listen to their intuition and higher self. This is a private question and answer with one of the souls chosen to guide you through this life. No one in the group will know your question and answer unless you choose to share. Rest easy in your answer knowing that they have your best interest at heart and want you to live a full and enriched life. 


Mindfulness Storytime     Donation Based

This is a time that we read a children's book focused on overcoming certain attitudes and behaviors. We read the book aloud and discuss situations, acceptable behaviors versus unacceptable behaviors, coping strategies, and ways to calm ourselves in stressful situations. The kids love having the after discussion where they get to share their experiences and opinions, as well as helping other kids with their ideas. This helps children feel important and in control of themselves. All ages and abilities are welcome!


Parents and Pipsqueaks Meditation     $20 per family

Helping our kids to learn healthy coping strategies and meditative habits is important in this world of constantly being on the go, which can be frustrating to little ones, as well as us adults. We talk about the importance of meditating and the benefits to our bodies in understandable terms. We go through a short meditation to help children learn to ground themselves and include affirmations that boost their self-esteem and self-love. All ages and abilities are welcome!


Reiki Shares     Donation Based

This is one of our most popular events because everyone gets to help and participate and everyone leaves feeling so much better! As strength is multiplied by numbers, every person is a bonus acting as a conductor to the universal healing energy that flows through myself and through all of us. It is a great way to meet other people looking to heal with a desire to help others. I love the little community of wonderful people we are building!  You do not have to be a practitioner of Reiki or have any experience. Everyone is welcome!


Sound Healing     $25

We are 95% space made up of 5% particles. What is in that "space"??? Vibrations make up a large majority of the space that make up our bodies and energy field. Sound emersion helps balance out your frequencies in order to have a more peaceful existence. I use perfect fifths and binaural frequencies to help the flow of your vibrational state and unwind any kinks or wavelengths that don't fit into our natural vibrational flow. 


 Meditation Workshop     $25

Great for beginners and avid meditators who want to learn more about how and why to meditate. Each workshop teaches about different types of meditation and will have a deeper focus on a particular type of meditation. A guided meditation is held in each workshop!


I Am Workshop     $25 

We all have negative beliefs about life and about ourselves. During this workshop we learn about affirmations and how to change your negative inner belief systems into positive belief systems. Get personal guidance in how to identify negative beliefs and alter the language to train your brain to recognize the new beliefs I help you create for yourself. 


Candle Dressing Workshops     $25

Come and join me during new and full moons to learn how and why to dress a candle to set intentions to release or manifest your hearts desires for the following universal energetic cycle! All supplies are included! This is a spiritual workshop not geared towards any specific religion. 


Intuitive/Mediumship Development Circle     Donation Based

Come join a community of spiritually gifted friends to grow your skills as an intuitive or medium. We will discuss techniques and everyone can participate in exercises to further develop our skills and gifts. This is a safe place to explore and learn as everyone is welcome no matter where you are in your journey of self discovery.