How has Hypnotherapy helped me to heal myself?

There was a time in my life after my divorce that was a little tumultuous. I was going through a lot of growth at the time, and I had recently started meditating regularly. This opened a floodgate within me of a past I didn't remember. I was seeing polaroids and gifs of things that had happened to me, but I couldn't put any of the pieces of the puzzle together. 

I reached out to my Spiritual Advisor at the time, Jen. She's great! She advised me to look into inner child retrieval. I didn't even know what those words meant!!! I went on my search for a hypnotherapist. Unfortunately, I could not find anyone in middle Tennessee that conducted inner child retrievals. I found what I thought was the next best thing. It wasn't! 3 hours and $280 later I wasn't in any better shape!

Next thing you know the Universe said, "um excuse me!!!" I had posted on my facebook about the Kundalini I was going through when an old friend from high school contacted me that she had the most amazing teacher and hypnotherapist. I didn't have any money, and she used her volunteered hours to pay for my session with this amazing woman.

She has helped me piece some of the pieces back together, and some I am piecing together myself. Wouldn't you know it, she is the teacher I ended up learning my technique through! I now use Dr. Rebecca A. Martin's Regenesis Technique, with a little bit of my own tweaks.  

So now, I can bring to the Greater Nashville Area, Inner Child Retrieval Hypnotherapy. You do not have to re-live or re-endure the emotional distress or physical pain during the hypnotherapy. When you visit your memories, you visit them as a movie or play. There is nothing to be afraid of except not giving it a try! I look forward to helping you address your inner trauma, underlying anxiety, and negative outlooks on life by facing it head on together. Please let me help you heal yourself!

~The Real Jill

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